The story of 25K starts with a shared passion for travel and adventure, cuisine and flavors. Riccardo and Simone, friends and colleagues, was at the stove in the night when the idea arrived. Searching for the spices and aromas collected on their journeys, the light came on, “What if we made a gin”? Different elements filled the color table: Lavender from Provence, home-made rosemary, star anise from Greece and then green cardamom, coriander and fennel seeds from Egypt, a bit of black pepper from Morocco and finally, yellow Amalfi lemons. After the first attempts the taste of this Mediterranean gin could already be considered unique, but according to the two friends, a note that distinguished it further was missing.

There were several experiments but no element gave the gin the flavor they had imagined, until a journey along the Tyrrhenian coast of Calabria gave them the missing link.

A walk through the hills near Tropea led them to a small house immersed in a fairytale atmosphere.

The elderly hostess welcomed the boys inviting them to drink tea telling her story and the choice to live alone, but in the company of nature. “Our land and its nature are more precious than 24 carats gold, only the licorice plants surrounding my house, for me, have 25 carats.” That licorice was the last element, the perfect note to make this gin, the only and only 25K. The Calabrese adventure therefore gave the missing taste, but not only, also the idea of adding gold, symbol of the fruits’ value of our land and devolving part of the proceeds to the support of the environment.

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