Sequoia Mediterranean


Alchool content: 40° –  Capacity: 3000ml 

25K Mediterranean Gin distilled with an intense amber color, clear, with immediate notes of anise and fennel on the nose; Yes
they also perceive citrus and balsamic notes, with sweet hints.
Immediate confirmation on the palate: the product is sharp, with a hint of acid that gives it a vague bittersweet shape, spicy notes on the lips, slightly lapping. The skilful blending of the
Ingredients: the well-balanced bitterness of lemon peel prevails, with hops and juniper tones, but aromatic and balsamic herbs stand out, with a freshness that is also felt in the olfactory back, when licorice and spices are enhanced. Persistent taste, with good alcoholic balance.
Elegant and rich, it looks like a Gin not very conductive (as a gin is usually thought), but mature and complete, with a guessed bitter hint that places it in a range of interest between, precisely Gin and bitters.
It can be defined as a Gin with an elegant bitterness, to be drunk alone. 25K Mediterranean gin received the IWSC bronze 2020 recognition and the silver medal at the Spirits selection concours mondial de Bruxelles 2020.